DJ Mag is the world’s most read magazine for dance music and DJs. In their latest article they draw an inspiring picture of the future of djing and the potential of real-time data for artists and producers.

It’s the year 2025. You’re having dinner with a friend, and your phone vibrates with a notification — Charlotte De Witte is playing your record, right now, in a club in Tokyo. … Another notification pops up – because you registered with your local Performing Rights Organisation, De Witte’s play of your track has earned you royalties, which have been paid to you in real-time.

Knowing exactly where a track is blowing up and gaining local DJ support is invaluable … A new app called Seeqnc teases what this potential future community might look like. (DJ Mag)

The article highlights the true value of having real-time data about when, where and by whom your tracks are played:

  • generate content around your music based on real plays by real artists
  • gain a picture of your global music footprint and royalty rights
  • identify trends and upcoming tracks
  • connect to artists playing your music and the audience that hears it

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