the global platform for connected music performances

real-time music recognition and content delivery for the music industry

the world’s first platform to track music live

for artists, venues and live streams

we are the first platform to track music live. By monitoring live streams or using your mobile device on a live performance. Use our live widgets and extensions to show your audience the music you’re playing and raise awareness to the music being played.

create setlists on the fly and notify artists and labels that you’re playing their music.


see who is playing your tracks

for artist, producers and labels

ever wondered who is playing your music? seeqnc provides real-time analytics on who’s playing your music. get live notifications everytime your music is being played. show your fans who plays your music. and never miss a play again by your favorite heroes.


monitoring at scale

for rights organisations, events & streaming platforms

we monitor live events and live streams globally and generate reports for royalty collection. partner with us and ensure that creatives are receiving their fair share of royalties whenever their music is being played.


fans, fans, fans

discover new music.
real-time tracklists of live streams and events.
interact with fellow fans and your favourite artists.
add the tunes you love directly to your favourite playlists or buy the tracks for your next performance.