Imagine a world, where music producers get notified instantly every time their music is played on a live performance, a broadcast or on social media. These essential insights enable creatives to promote their music better, connect to the artists playing their music and the audience that hears it and ultimately gather a comprehensive picture of their royalty rights.

We at seeqnc built the world’s first platform to track music usage and notify creators, labels and performance rights organisations in real-time.  Performing DJs and bands are using seeqnc technology to track the music they are playing and generate setlists on the spot. Producers and labels can now use this data for the first time to generate a live-picture of their music footprint.

Through the power of the crowd, seeqnc makes live performances more transparent and rewarding for music creators globally.

Try seeqnc on your next performance and download the app or visit our artist portal to see who is playing your music out there!

Your friends at seeqnc 🙂