frequently asked questions

here you find all you have to know about seeqnc.

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What is seeqnc?

seeqnc is a real-time music detection and notification platform for producers, labels and DJs, to track and analyze when, where and by whom their music is played on live performances or radio shows.


What are the benefits of using seeqnc?

Don’t know who is playing your tracks live? With seeqnc Live Music Tracking you get real-time notifications from the artists who are playing your tracks. Access our Live Dashboard on the seeqnc portal or install our seeqnc App to analyse your track distribution on the go.


How does seeqnc work?

We monitor live performances and radio shows and live streams on the web to detect when your tracks are played around the globe. Performing artists use the seeqnc App on their smartphone to detect and notify the producers of the played tracks in real-time.


How can I start using seeqnc as a producer or label?

Simply log in on the seeqnc artist portal to start using seeqnc in free trial mode.


I’m a DJ. How to use seeqnc on my next live gig?

Download the seeqnc app and log in with your facebook artist profile. Use the app on your next live performance and start detecting and receiving play notifications.


Which kind of tracks can be detected by the seeqnc app?

We have millions of tracks in our database and grow by thousands of tracks every week. As a producer you will be able to upload your latest productions soon on the artist portal to monitor them from day 1 – stay tuned!


Do I need internet connection to detect tracks?

Yes, at the moment you need internet connection to detect and notify the producers of the tracks you are playing on your live performance. Soon we will provide an offline version of the app.


How much does seeqnc cost?

seeqnc is currently in Early Bird phase. We offer an exclusive reduced plan to our first customers.


Which smartphone OS are supported?

The seeqnc App is available on Android and iOS.


How to give feedback?

Tell us about your challenges, wishes or ideas in our facebook support group or drop us an email.